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Aug 6, 2013 11:00pm EDT
obama has stepped up our conversation into black sandy's 21st century but i want to put that into a larger context. we tried to take a backward and day for were the book with this panel and a conversation but the back were the luckiest where have we come, where have we come to in the 50 years since the march on washington. right? at the same time this particular moment the first is three and a half weeks ago the supreme court overturns the domestic and very jackets and struck down the voting rights act at the same time seven days ago george zimmerman was acquitted of the murder of trayvon martin. and also the first african-american president of the united states made his second statement on race relations and this is a key moment to reflect on 50 years later. so to start our ask each to comment on the impact of these three events and what it says about what progress is or not in the 21st century. >> thank you for being here. a very provocative question. it is difficult to come up with a quick answers in the heat of this particular moment but i will try. all free legal interventions
Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. strategy of the faith community engagement. which underscores the obama administration's commitment to working with communities of faith to advance our shared goals. you will hear in a moment engagement that i'm talking about, which is a two-way street. our job at the state department and not just to proclaim or standup and pontificate about things that we want, but we have to listen to people about things that they want. we have played a valuable role in promoting the development of countries or preventing us, advancing human dignity across the globe. so we launched this office with a clear intent to keep our door open and work with all of you. i'm i am genuinely excited by the possibilities of this. religious leaders every day are taking on some of the toughest challenges that we face. they are healing communities, providing counsel families. they are working in partnership with governments for the enduring health of our planet and its people. so i say to my fellow state department employees, all of them, wherever you are but i want to reinforce a simple message. i want
Jul 31, 2013 11:00pm EDT
in its infancy. this is very expensive. you mentioned medicaid. obama care is effectively simply a federal pays both sides large medical program. that's really what it's becoming. the federal taxpayers will be on the hook for huge amounts of money. all we're asking for is that you obey the law as written, and you provide us information when we believe that you created a rule that the last panel couldn't find language to allow you to have that interpretation. you said here said under oath, that, in fact, you had a significant number of people, career professionals, who did analysis. you've begin this committee no such analysis. i'm sending you back very simply. you were pretty close to a useless witness who came saying "i don't know," and if history is of any indication, the things you said you'll take back for the record, you won't come back with any answers. you didn't send 500 pages. you didn't send 386 responsive pages. you acceptability almost nothing. the american people, if they are going to spend trillions of dollars, and if they're going to have mandates that are not within
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm EDT
iran was riding high , the arab world turn to it but at this point president obama has had many failures admittedly. many areas of things he tried to do that he couldn't get done. couldn't close guantÁnamo, the senate wouldn't let him. he lowered america's profile. the very thing he gets criticized for their public and partying here generally is his leaving from behind concept. but you know what? in the focus groups we did have after we did the polling we asked what the best thing about america was right now and they said leading from behind. they use that expression. they they like a leader that respects them put you out in front, that is competent enough to not have to take the lead for whatever reason and decide i'm not going to be bellicose. i'm not going to be the key were with me or against me or the wanted dead or alive cowboy. that's earning points interestingly enough. america lowers its profile. iran is now seeing more vividly through its own behavior rather than through the lens of america's behavior. when iran is viewed through the lens of american behavior it wins.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4